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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iron (wo)man

I'm so excited--I've finally gotten my iron levels to tragic levels so they're giving me an iron infusion tomorrow at Dana Farber. The iron pills just aren't cutting it and there's basically none in my body (safe levels are 37-170 and I'm less than 17.) As for iron storage, I have "3". Apparently that breaks my previous all-time low, which was 5 when I still had cancer.

Turns out my crap stomach isn't processing much of ANYTHING. I have to get monthly B-12 shots, I'm on 50,000mg of Vitamin D (an insane amount if you ask me) and now I need the infusion of iron. Oh, and my calcium is low, but I haven't completed all the tests to find out how low and therefore what to do about it. Baby steps. Exactly how to people who have had by-passes live? I guess they have the same issues, its just not publicized. Just sometimes I feel like its only me.

Most importantly, I'm feeling okay, just tired and cold. Both are expected when you're anemic (which I am). I never take my coat off at work. My fingers are like ice right now....

I'm in good spirits though, and not due for a CT scan until late summer, so if they can just get my blood to be in the normal ranges I should be doing okay. :)

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Iron woman, hear me roar!

Iron, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, you got it!

By Blogger Barb II, at 7/31/2008 4:42 PM  

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