jenny's belly

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Something Else

So I've been trying to think of if I should even mention this, because this is my cancer blog. I certainly don't want to become one of those people who list out their ailments. And I'm getting to learn that everyone has their "things." Especially as we get older. (Older!? I'm barely 33!)

But I decided since I'd talked to you already about my back that maybe I'll just make a quick mention... found out friday from the chiropractor that I have oseoarthritis and degenerative disc disease (are these the same thing? don't know, my primary care doctor has told me NOTHING and the reports the chiro was reading came from HER. I have a call in to her already). So I immediately imagine a block of chalk that crumbles when you touch it. In my Nancy Kerrigan moment, I asked the chiropracter "Why do I keep getting old peoples' diseases?" Not my proudest moment, but its sadly how I feel sometimes.

Anyway, its not cancer. And people don't die from oseoarthritis or degenerative disc disease. Wait do they? Well, if they do its when they're very old. Don't contradict me, even if you're right. The good news is that the chiropractic appointments seem to be working for the pain (after only 2, with 10 more to go) and maybe its good that this has been found early so they can do preventative things, like have them put me on Sally Field's Boniva or whatever. I think that's oseoperosis though. How is that different from oseoarthritis? ARGHGHGH. (I had to promise my social worker on Saturday that I wouldn't self-treat by using the internet because I always do more harm than good by getting myself whipped into a paniced frenzy.)

I just made an appt with Dana Farber for next monday so I can ask them order a bone scan. My PCP would probably order it but I'm still mad at her for not telling me about this stuff in the first place. I'd rather not be like "you suck" and then "hey, can you do this for me?"

So should I start a new blog, "Jenny's Spine"? :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ah, memories

I have been having the best time reading over "Cancer! 2005" from August. Chemo erased a lot of stuff and I'm reading this the same way YOU would read it... "seriously, that's what happened?" about my esophagogasterectomy.

And of course, the famous picture of my stapled stomach. You know, honestly, I would never, ever ever EVER have that scar removed. I never put "scar removal" cream on it (yeah, like that garbage works anyway) and kind of look at it as a battle scar. I like it!

Anyway, I'm off to another chiropractor appointment today. My doc is the same one the NE Patriots go to. How cool is that? Maybe I'll run into Tom Brady. I'll pass along your regards...