jenny's belly

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I heart nutritionists

I am so exited about this… I met with a nutritionist at dana farber today and she has actually dealt with other people who have had my surgery AND she understands exactly what my stomach problems are. BECAUSE--everyone else has these same week-long periods when they “can’t eat”!!

It’s a miracle to know its not just me. You have no idea... its like being told you're not the only human being on earth!!!

Even better is that she has a potential solution—she thinks that the surgery/chemo/stress caused the good bacteria in my stomach to get wrecked by the bad bacteria, and each time I eat its like the fermentation process is happening in my stomach… so if I take this pill (like super-yogurt) it will balance out the bacteria back to how it SHOULD be and she thinks make things much, much better. I am THRILLED!!!! She said there's no way I could possibly eat enough yogurt to balance it out so this pill gives me a leg up. The reason I will actually try this is because its not a "rest of my life" pill, and I can do anything for a few weeks.

Yay!! I'm looking forward to eating again :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just figured out how to take pictures using this computer... and I look so tired I think this is my most flattering picture. :) My lips have no color!

But really I thought maybe you'd like to see my scar. You don't do you. Sort of? Okay, here you go...and I find it hilarious that the whole thing doesn't fit in the screen (its farther up and farther down). Please ignore the ugly, unflattering belly. Hey, tattoos are too light to show up! This is your last shot as voyeur as I'm never going to wear a bikini and unlikely to become a flasher. Feel no pity, I LOVE my scar...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mmm vitamins

So I've got a cool new life-long thing to look forward to, thanks to my crap stomach: monthly vitamin B-12 shots. Poor belly can't figure out how to process food correctly. :) As you can imagine, shots are NOTHING to me, but its annoying that I have to get them from my PCP who is in the office for 5 minutes every other year. Or so it seems. Wish I could get them at Dana Farber. It would make my life SOOO much easier. Sigh. And why do they have to be from my PCP and not a nurse? Can't figure out why this is such a controlled substance. Even Roger Clemens was getting them from a doctor and not his trainer, who seemingly gave him everything else under the sun... oh well. I'm psyched because it should be giving me more energy. Yay! Got my first shot yesterday, so far so good. Not exactly brimming with energy but its been an exhausting week. Frankly, glad its a shot though, because I'm very anti-pill. Should be taking 1000 different things, NOT TAKING ANY OF THEM. Okay, one of them. I'm in misery without protonix (gets rid of acid in stomach) though I take it every other day and should be taking it twice a day. But beriously, I think if I was supposed to be taking a cancer-prevention pill (no, this doesn't exist), I wouldn't do it. HATE HATE HATE pills. You'd be that way too if you were in my shoes. Trust me. I have a pill basket AND a pill-filled shoebox, and if it doesn't make me outright sick, it likely makes me feel crappy. Hey, just like food! I wonder if I would take the Jetson's-style food pill. Probably not. ;)

Oh, back feeling MUCH better. Chiropractor works!